• 1. Selection

The G BRANDED pre-Collection is on display all year around in our Siegsdorf office. Our Account Managers will arrange a personal meeting with you to guide you through the showroom, select fabrics, style options, trims, production country, and quantities.

  • 2. Adjustment

To fully express your brand values, our designers will create designs, graphics, figurines and even packaging solutions for your collection. Each style is also available with several options such as different pockets, sleeve lengths and trims.

  • 3. Development

Before starting up the production, we will develop a prototype to confirm colors, materials and fits. Lab-dip Swatch in its original fabric and color to be approved by the customer. Pre-production sample. 1 to 1 sample ready for production.

  • 4. Production

Depending on time, fabrication, quantity, and geographic preference, we will choose the best production location for your product. Your collection will be produced using pre-developed patterns under a comprehensive and constant Quality Management System.

  • 5. Distribution

Our Job does not end right after producing your collection. We offer efficient and flexible distribution solutions:

1. Warehousing (partial deliveries, JIT deliveries)
2. Online Stores (BtoB order platforms, eCommerce       Stores)
3. After Sales Services

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