We are a group of creative minds in the picturesque Chiemgau region,
where local roots and global creativity harmoniously converge.

Our history is marked by international successes and exciting projects
that transcend boundaries. We have the privilege of collaborating with
esteemed global clients and bringing thrilling projects to life.

Despite our global reach, our connection to the local economy remains significant.
The Chiemgau isn't just our location; it's also our wellspring of inspiration.

We value and nurture partnerships with local collaborators and businesses.

Our passion for creativity and innovation shines through in every project,
whether on a local or international scale.

So, we invite you to explore our diverse array of possibilities
and join us in exploring new horizons together.

Let's work together to breathe life into your ideas.

We offer you
full 360° service


Our company designs, develops and manufactures custom textiles, accessories and watches in the premium segment! Our customers include automotive manufacturers, fashion and industrial customers.

Your Request

Premium Custom Merchandise – for leading brands in the luxury and lifestyle market for over 30 yrs.

A proven workflow with specialized know-how. Learn more about how we approuch your project:


What we value

An unshakable commitment to excellence, to respect our colleagues and partners, and to be socially responsible. Our clientsʼ confidentiality - which prevents us from showing many of the great products we've made for them.

  • Commitment to excellence
  • Respect our colleagues
  • Respect our partners
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Clientsʼ confidentiality

Our strengths are

  • Conception and Consulting
  • Product and Fashion Design
  • Development
  • Loyal production partners
  • Quality Assurance


Raphael Geisreiter

CEO & Founder

Michael Kraller

Prokurist & Key Account Manager

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